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Nous créons la meilleure expérience audio pour votre marque 


We propose our own turnkey services or in white label for a simple and fast deployment.


Maximize revenue from services and products without any investment needed on your part.


Different monetization and revenue sharing models can be implemented to maximize the profitability of your mobile audiences.

The products we offer

As an expert in mobile content, The Mobile Concept aggregates and distributes all its services to mobile operators (operators, manufacturers, MVNOs, media) in France and abroad in order to help them monetize their inventories.


We offer quality and loyal Interactive Voice Services that increase the ARPU of our operator customers.


We develop our own gaming and content applications and offer our own audience acquisition solutions.


Our content portal allows our customers to relay a turnkey solution and distribute all our products to end customers.


We are working on innovation topics around new technologies such as blockchain or new uses such as voice assistants.

Our own recording studio

The quality of our voice services is ensured in our studio.

Sound design, editing, mixing, post-synchronization and recording, we produce our own audiovisual productions.

We adapt to your projects

Our knowledge of telecommunications and our business expertise enable us to quickly understand your problems and help you to respond to them.



We are able to quickly customize all our content and products so that they can be adapted to your needs and constraints.



Our ROI-driven approach is ideal to help you define business priorities and we focus our efforts on profitable topics.



Nos produits sur étagère sont Plug and Play et ne nécessitent pas d’investissements budgétaire de votre part.


A tailor-made service for an operator

An operator, a major media player, asked us to help it enhance its multi-channel television content offer.


With a huge BTL and ATL campaign for the launch, how can we bring new ideas to generate additional business?


An Interactive Voice Response service was set up as a promotional tool, with particular attention paid to audio quality.


An undeniable success with nearly 80 K€/months generated since the launch.


Enhance the audience value of a web service

The objective for the operator was to monetize its audiences on its webmail portal by limiting advertising in order to keep the customer experience consistent with the brand image.


The objective for the operator was to monetize its audiences on its webmail portal by limiting advertising in order to keep the customer experience consistent with the brand image.


Thanks to a B2B partner specialized in weather, we have proposed a weather widget. The customer was only subject to advertising if he wanted to have more details on the weather, by going to the partner’s website.


Increased customer satisfaction, with discreet integration.
A webclip generating more than 100K€/year.


App promotion

Feedback by Jonathan Rogez, Head of Product & co-founder at Shapr

What does mobile mean to Shapr?

“Mobile is everything to us! The service does not exist on the web – so our app is the focus of our launch and development strategy. Today, mobile phones are at the heart of digital innovations in messaging, social networks, dating and more. It has simply become the first tool for interpersonal communication, in front of the web. »


“Any startup that launches a new app must quickly confront its product with real users to measure the interest of its product, and examine user behaviors. Through The Mobile Concept, we wanted to boost our user population on Android to recruit new users but also and above all measure their usage. However, downloading the app is not an end in itself: it is necessary to ensure that users discover and appropriate the product over time to get the most value out of it. »

What is your assessment of the campaign?

“The campaign generated a very significant peak of downloads on the app over a 24-hour period, allowing us to recruit a large cohort of users, whose usage we have observed over time. To do this, in addition to Google Play data, we used the analytics tools integrated into our product. In addition, the boost in download volumes has allowed our app to emerge in the Google Play ranking of professional applications, thus increasing its visibility beyond the 24 hours of the campaign. »

They trusted us

Our Team

Specialists in the mobile business (design / framing / piloting / app promotion) and biz dev have partnered with a media agency in order to establish a place for themselves in the mobile strategy of advertisers and offer assistance in monetizing the various media of operators, thus mixing specialization between media and mobile.

Mario Machado


Former manager consultant, he worked on innovation problematics as well as websites and apps development for telecom and e-commerce clients.
 He has been The Mobile Concept CEO for the last 3 years.

Khalil El Boudali

MENA Director

Formerly in charge of mobile monetization at SFR, this specialist in Africa joined The Mobile Concept in order to develop its presence on the African continent.

Vuthea Lim


He is our business development expert, a telecom specialist who has worked for many operators and media.



Now FaberNovel Data & Media, represented by Yassine Belfkih, they are our acquisition specialists, including traffic acquisition via SEM (Search Engine Marketing), display (in RTB), remarketing, video, and SEO.

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